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meet the owner

Hi Guys! 

Welcome to The Recovery Room, a place to restore mobility, enhance recovery, unwind, and rediscover harmony within the body and mind; quickly becoming the sought out recovery experience. 

My name is Francisco Chavez, expert therapist, dedicating 10 years on mastering various massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and therapeutic massages. When combining these specialized modalities with my intuitive touch, I create a nurturing and transformative experience for every individual who walks through the doors of my studio. 


My Goal is to help you have an improved quality of life. I firmly believe my style of massage are an integral part of your healing process. The goal is to be Pain Free.


Here at The Recovery Room we promise to provide a relaxing environment with a modern  vibe experience.
Customizing Sessions with the necessary techniques such as Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Swedish, Relaxation,  PNF Stretching, Percussion, Muscular Alignment, Sports Massage, Hot Stones, Vibration Gun, and Aroma Therapy. 

When I am not rehabbing the body, you may find me riding my bike, walking my dogs, and hiking with my wife.

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