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Saint Cloud Sports Massage Therapy
Enhance Recovery + Restore Mobility

The Recovery Room serves men and women seeking to restore mobility, enhance recovery, unwind, and rediscover harmony within the body and mind; quickly becoming the sought out recovery experience. 


We prioritize time with our clients over types of massage when booking a session with us. Focusing on the overall well being of our clients and customizing the experience with the necessary techniques such as Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Swedish, Relaxation,  PNF Stretching, Percussion, Muscular Alignment, Sports Massage, Hot Stones, Vibration Gun, and Aroma Therapy. 

Sports Injury

Access the tools & techniques you need to optimize your performance and enhance your recovery

Personalized Bodywork

Sport Massage | Deep or Soft Tissue | Swedish | Stretching | Muscular Alignment

60 min $110  ||  90 min $150  ||  120 min  $200

Full Rehab Bodywork

Personalized Bodywork + Localized Vibration and/ or Scrapin

90 min $170  ||  120 min $220 

Relaxation Rehab

Swedish: Deep or Soft Tissue | Hot Stones | Hot Towel | Aroma Therapy

60 min $130  ||  90 min $165  ||  120 min  $215




Experiene Recovery at your Leisure

Experience the Recovery your body needs with added enhancements and techniques included in the packages with our memberships with monthly savings. 

Saint Cloud, FL

4049 13TH ST, SAINT CLOUD, FL 34769

(We are located inside the gym Fitness CF)

gym membership not required

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